Nedanstående bilder är hämtade från Lennart Nystedts hemsidan, där han visar hur renoveringsarbetet fortlöper. För att komma till hemsidan kan du klicka här.

This is a picture from 1991 when I got the car. The previous owner had dismantled the car and started to cut some rust away and also stared with an overhaul of the engine.

Some history :

The car was sold new in July 7, 1954 to a student in Lidingö, Stockholm and has spent all its life in Sweden. The car has had 22 owners from new and was taken out of traffic in 1984. For a complete list of owners click here.

The frame was scraped free from old paint and rust protection. This picture showes the front of the car. The inner wheel arches and the rail that holds the bonnet was cut away by the previous owner.

Here's the engine bay painted in primer, the inner wheel arches and rail is back where they belong.

This picture showes the left footwell. All rust is cut away, the old rusty doorpost is still in position. A new sill and outrigger is also visible. The car has lived a hard life !

Here's new fresh panels welded in. The doorpost is also new converted to fit from a 3000 doorpost.

This is the old rear crossmember. It was so rusty it had started to fold near the welds against the frame.

The new crossmember in place.

Everything painted in primer, the brackets for the rear springs are also in place.

This is the boot floor, and again it was rotten and patched up by previous owner so it was cut away.

No more rust, but no metal either ! (The subframe is standing on the right wheel arch)

...and here is the new floor and floor boxes in place. A special thanks to John Wright for supplying me with measurements ! In this picture you can also see the reinforcement I did for keeping the inner rear wing and boot lock aperture in place while the floor was removed.

Here's the rear shroud, the edge against the fender had serious corrosion.

I made a wood buck in the same shape as the edge, took some 1.5 mm aluminium plate and started hammering. The result was the new side pieces that are lying on top of the shroud in this photo.

And here is the shroud after the pieces has been welded in place.

Here is picture with the left inner wheel arc partially cut away.

....same but from another angle. Parts of the new wheel arc is also in place.

The new door post is taking shape.

And here are a couple of photos of the finished rear subframe. I think 50 percent or more of the metal is new...